All poems © Ross Gardner and should not be reproduced in any format without prior permission.

An opportunity for some poems to see their first light of day.  I hope they are enjoyed.


River Fish

The river fish hover-swims,

Fanning to a stand still.

Pointing against the flow

And staring down the weir-face in a stand off.

Waiting? For a way through to come clear, perhaps,

Or another thought to enter its head.

And then suddenly one does!

A caddis fly dragged down, meniscus swaddled –

Too careless and trout bound.

A surface leap, a triumphant dart

This way and that.

Then back to defying the river's grain.

Dune Coast

Sibilant seething,

Softly over stone-shadows and silica.

Gurgling down burrow-holes.

Stirring groyne-trapped cobbles

In a warm clamour

Of contented bemusement.

Beyond scattered strandings

Of pallid weed

The beach hauled up by roots.

Wind-crested, rippling;

Breaking in a lichen surf,

Lost among rabbit's teeth

And stunted birch trees.

A wild place with a soft hand,

Today at least.


Taking Flight (on the efforts of a swan)

Flight reclaimed in the nick of time

And from the steely grip of cold physics.

Drawing up her skirts and rolling her sleeves

She sheds momentarily any stately airs

In a wheezing cacophony

Of wings and treading water.

"... hang on ...... just a minute"

(stiffening her resolve

and willing the rest to follow)

"... just a few seconds more ..."

And yes!

The ballerina beats her chest,

A transformation in motion.

Reorganises her graces -

And with barely a curl of that stiff upper lip -

Into brute force and defiance

Against the full weight of the sky...